Since its creation in 1959, the little British car has distinguished itself by its comfortable yet sporty handling. Revolutionary in its inimitable design, the MINI re-enchants the pleasure of taking to the road and has provided new sensations for all its drivers for several generations.

Committed to soft mobility, the BMW Group unveiled its first 100% electric MINI in 2019 and is now developing its offering to facilitate low-mileage travel and last-mile transit.

Chosen by the BMW Group, owner of the MINI brand, French manufacturer Angell has designed a range of electric bikes for MINI and the world that share the same values of innovation, originality, creation and inspiration.


Created in close collaboration with the MINI and Angell design teams, the MINI E-Bike 1 harmoniously blends the playfulness of MINI aesthetics with the streamlined aluminum and carbon design of Angell bikes. Minimalism meets audacity, while elegance explores a fresh take with vibrant colors.

This e-bike is not just a way to get around, it's also a stylish power move.


The MINI E-Bike 1 celebrates freedom, fun and flexibility. It's an innovative, intelligent and tech-friendly bike, so you can see the city with fresh eyes. This new range  embodies agility, design and safety for an enjoyable commuting experience.

Designed to go hand-in-hand with the demands of modern urban life, the MINI E-Bike 1 offers unprecedented agility. Its compact and elegant design helps you navigate busy streets with ease and bypass traffic jams. Whether you're on your way to work or simply exploring the city, this e-bike guarantees total freedom of movement.

Limited offer of 1959 units, available for pre-order from 19th September 2023.
Don't hesitate - the time is now.