Your safety is our top priority, whether you're on your bike or off it. It's simple: the MINI E-Bike 1 puts safety at the heart of its design, helping you to ride with absolute confidence.


The MINI E-Bike 1 has been designed to offer a safe and carefree riding experience. With features such as responsive brakes, direction indicators and lights for optimum visibility, you can navigate the city with confidence.

Turn signals on the handlebars and battery indicate your direction to everyone on the road.

Real-time display of the battery charging level.

Connected guidance provides a view of upcoming direction changes for effortless navigation. 


If secure parking is not an option, there's no need to panic. The MINI E-Bike 1 features a state-of-the-art security system for total travel freedom. Get ready to have total peace of mind.

High-intensity visual and audible alarm, to signal if your bike is tampered with.

Automatic locking feature. Geolocation monitoring tracks your bike's location in real time and sends alerts in the event of suspicious activity. 

Two-year anti-theft warranty included. If your bike is stolen, we'll replace it.