Our vision.

Welcome to the future of mobility, where innovation meets ecology. MINI, an iconic brand renowned for its timeless design and innovation, is revolutionizing the way you travel. With the MINI E-Bike 1, stay safe and connected as you enjoy the city and indulge your sense of adventure. 

Inspiring DESIGN.

The MINI E-Bike 1 boasts a revolutionary design. This futuristic ride will satisfy the eye. It's also a one-of-a-kind bike, always ready for adventure, featuring the graphic colors loved by MINI fans.

The MINI E-Bike 1 features integrated injection-molded mudguards and a chain guard to keep you dry in all conditions. It combines Parisian design with English craftsmanship, with leather-free saddle and handlebar grips made exclusively by the legendary Brooks England company.

Sleek streamline design.
Luxurious three-coat duotone paintwork in Ocean Wave Green or Vibrant Silver.

Uncompromising SAFETY.

With the MINI E-Bike 1, you're in safe hands. We're proud to offer you an e-bike that looks after you, both on and off the road. Because your satsifaction is one of our top priorities, we've integrated advanced features for your peace of mind, around the clock.

High-intensity visual and audible alarm if your bike is tampered with.

Automatic locking feature and geolocation monitoring tracks your bike's location in real time and sends alerts in the event of suspicious activity. 

Integrated turn signals on the handlebars and battery contribute to a safer travel experience, by clearly indicating your direction to other travelers on the road.

Two-year anti-theft warranty included. If your bike is stolen, we'll replace it.


Our electric bike is much more than just a means of transport: it's a concentrate of technology, ready to offer you an unprecedented riding experience with every turn of the wheel. Welcome to the future of connected mobility.

Regular updates via your iOS or Android smartphone give you access to new digital features and continually improve the safety of your MINI E-Bike 1. Our commitment to innovation never stops.

Intelligent locking/unlocking at the touch of a (smartphone) button.

Customize your bike's settings, including alarm, indicators, lights and more, directly from the app.

Performance tracking provides a full summary of your rides: speed, distance, elevation gain and even carbon footprint savings.

Intelligent GPS guidance for accurate navigation, on the go.

An unrivalled EXPERIENCE.

Each ride on the MINI E-Bike 1 is an exhilirating journey that's playful, optimistic and infused with colorf. With a total weight of 17 kg (battery included) for the Small frame and 17.5 kg (battery included) for the M frame, the MINI E-Bike 1 is one of the lightest e-bike experiences out there. Hop on and enjoy a smooth ride with dynamic steering. This is driving pleasure on a par with MINI cars, much-loved for their intuitive agility.